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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide many benefits such as saving money on rent and a hassle-free process for signing a lease. With us, you do not need to waste time on trips to a car dealership, lengthy and tedious negotiations with a dealer, hours of waiting to get a car. We only have one phone call, and you will receive a free offer without any obligations, and as soon as everything is completed and agreed, we will deliver the car to your home or work.
Our function is to mediate the transaction and facilitate the documentation process between you as a customer and the dealership. We act as a broker or referral partner between you and our dealer network. Every car comes from a dealer, and every contract you sign is recorded in dealer documents. All cars sold have a factory warranty and are serviced in any car dealership.
We have absolutely no such thing. We disclose each amount in advance. We will charge one-time mandatory government / DMV property, registration and documentation fees, which will also be specified in your lease in advance. We do not collect any payments until the car is delivered or picked up by you.

Absolutely nothing, $ 0. All our services are free of charge for you. We receive a commission from the dealer for the sold car.

We have an extensive dealer network with pre-agreed deals. We have access to benefits and discounts that are not available to the general public. In addition, we do not have any overhaul costs such as inventory costs or the cost of maintaining a dealership with its equipment, huge advertising and flooring costs.
Yes. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer and is valid regardless of where you rent the car.
You can return a car for service at any car dealership. They should accept it and service immediately upon your request.
This is the easiest process. You call us to request a free, no obligation. As soon as we find the car you want, we will give you the price. Once you agree on the price, we will order a car for you, send you the vehicle information so that you can get insurance. Immediately after that, the car will be available for collection or we can deliver it to your home or work.